1982: When even Mercury offered 3 faux woodgrain station wagon models

In 1982, station wagon sales in North America hadn’t yet been crushed by the onslaught of minivans and SUVs that got rolling a bit later in the decade, and so even Mercury offered three wagons on three different platforms that year. There was the big Marquis wagon, based on the Panther platform and scaling in at an imposing 3,880 pounds. The Mercury-badged Fox platform wagon received the Cougar name for a single year (for the 1983 model year, the Cougar returned to its roots as a flashy personal luxury coupe in a polyester suit), weighing 3,116 pounds. The little ’82 Mercury wagon was the 2,040-pound Ford Escort-based Lynx. Here’s a magazine advertisement for all three wagons, each clad in silver paint and not-so-convincing-but-nobody-cared “wood” paneling.

The base engines in the Lynx, Cougar, and Marquis wagons offered 70, 87, and 132 horsepower, respectively, so they weren’t particularly exciting to drive. High-double-digit city fuel economy for the larger two wagons, optimistic as the era’s miles-per-gallon calculations were, wasn’t too bad when compared to the porcine behemoths used as family haulers just a few years earlier.

1982: When even Mercury offered 3 faux woodgrain station wagon models

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