San Marino Motor Classic 2017: Everything you missed

It's hard to believe this is only the seventh San Marino Motor Classic. It seems like this event became an institution years ago.

This year there were over 350 cars sprawled out all over the gargantuan lawn in Lacy Park in sunny San Marino, Calif. There was everything from Aston Martin to Zimmer. Yes, the Zimmer was back. Again. We think it’s been there three years.

“Hey, as long as the guy keeps coughing up his entry fee,” joked Motor Classic motivator Aaron Weiss, one of the organizers of this splendid event.

Is this the best-ever representation of this event?

“This is the best ever,” said the unflappable Weiss. “It’s got more of everything!”

Indeed, as a stroll through the gallery attached above will show you, there were: Bantams (Bantams!), pony cars, muscle cars, Jaguars, woodies, loads of Mercedes 190, 280 and 300 SLs, Astons Martin to the horizon, Ferraris, Fiats and Fords, Chevy Tri-Fives, and even Volkswagens.

There were cars coming from farther away this year, too — as far as Missouri, for instance, with a bunch of owners hauling their mounts from Idaho, Oregon and Texas. The benefit, as Weiss pointed out, is you get to see new cars.

“We’re getting cars in and saying, wow, where did that come from?”

By show morning, there were 355 registered cars in the Motor Classic, as well as several more from sponsors. The weather was a perfect mix of overcast, clouds and sunshine with perfect temperatures all day.

“Some days you wake up and everything is great,” said Weiss.

San Marino Motor Classic 2017: Everything you missed

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